With appropriate CCTV systems owners can enjoy their day off and still can see the operation of a Café or restaurant on their smartphone.

Café CCTV installation has revolutionized the growth of business owners by putting an halt on non visible business losses

Benefits of Café CCTV

  • Reduce theft from patrols leaving without paying

  • Reduce theft of cutlery and table wear

  • Check on delivery of goods

  • Employee and customer relations

  •  Product wastage

  • Covid compliance of Patrols in the Cafe

The right business security system has the power to catch criminals, suppress fires, and provide superior access control to the leaders of the company. 

An properly designed CCTV installation can manage a lot of these issues and can reduce the workload on Owners shoulder.

What are the key benefits of a Professional CCTV Installation ( cctv installation ) in a Cafe :

  • Cameras should be installed over the cashier system so every transaction can be captured in the cctv frame. Often exchange of transactions has been the reason for unsatisfied customers. With the presence of CCTV such issues can be resolved very easily.

  • Other benefit of cameras over cashiers is that it stops the theft immediately by keeping the capture of incoming and outgoing cash transactions

  • Service section or seating's is another key location where a camera should be placed at an appropriate angle to capture the operations. These cameras are often helpful in capturing café/restaurant vandalism by patrons.

  • Inventory management, camera overlooking storage help not only in identifying the goods required in the next order but also deter staff or uninvited visitors from mishandling or misusing business assets.

  • Camera positions overlooking the Kitchen area play also a vital role in identifying the wastage, delay, and organisation of the kitchen. Also given the nature of the kitchen, cameras can be helpful in capturing the injuries and other accidents for staff and patrons safety purposes.

  • All our CCTV packages must be fitted with suitable monitors to allow back office staff to monitor common areas whether there is frequent supervision or not. All our packages also include remote viewing connection to your smartphone or tablet so you can monitor your business from anywhere, anytime.

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