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Panasonic intercom voice changer feature, person at door hears a male voice, inside female voice is speaking.

Voice Changer Intercom

Home IntercomsSusan Blenman
Choosing an Electric Door Strike-CTC Security

Choosing an Electric Door Strike

Door LockSusan Blenman
Intercom System for Home-CTC Security

Intercom System for Home

DahuaSusan Blenman

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How do I choose the right security camera?

How do I choose the right security camera?

Active Deterrence

Choosing a security cameras can be a difficult decision, here are some factors that will help influence your choice. Cameras Types, Camera Features and price help determine a good security camera system.

Face Detection Technology

Face Detection Technology in Surveillance Cameras

Dahua Face Detection technology can detect the face in the image. With deep learning algorithm, the technology supports detecting, tracking, capturing and selecting the best face image, and then outputs face snapshot.
Wide Dynamic Range- Dahua Security

What does Wide Dynamic Range Do?

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology improves a camera's image quality under high-contrast lighting conditions where both dimly and brightly lit areas are present in the field of view. It enables the camera to capture details clearly in both the poorly and strongly illuminated areas of the video.

What is ONVIF and its limitations.??

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) The abbreviation "ONVIF" will be encountered by everybody with an interest in IP security cameras at som...
LightHunter Camera Technology

What is LightHunter Camera Technology?

Lighthunter Technology
The LightHunter Technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid color, appropriate brightness, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light. LightHunter Technology significantly improves the image brightness with F1.2 Large Iris design & BSI sensor.
Perimeter Protection Security Surveillance

Perimeter Protection Security Surveillance how does it work?

Perimeter Protection
The perimeter protection camera, is based on tripwire and area intrusion sending an alarm when unwanted movements triggered by humans or vehicles enters it's perimeter.
Dahua Active Deterrence Cameras

Benefits of Active Deterrence Cameras?

Active Deterrence

Active Deterrence is a surveillance system that can deter intruders in time and prevent potential crime via built-in spotlight and speaker.

Protect your Home from Burglary

Protect your Home from Burglary

Alarm System
Burglars know all the tricks in the book when it comes to getting into your home, so it's vital that you don't carry on with the age-old practices that could mark you as a victim of theft.
Here are the top four no-nos for home security.

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