Mobile security patrols or roaming security guards can be a real asset to a business. They are an extra pair of eyes; checking lock-ups are secure, that all staff are off-site if there is any suspicious activity and even raise any maintenance issues which may be spotted such as leaks and faulty doors and locks.

They can also be on call to check alarms for you, so you don’t get called to your site at 2 a.m. for a false alarm!

Our guards can be on shift as a regular patrol, or on a casual basis for extra security cover. For example, if you are moving offices or happen to have a large amount of stock on site for any given time. If you require a 24-hr security service, CTC can deliver it for you. Whether it's a single level site or a multi-level office building, CTC's team will visit your site, assess the security issues and explain the areas which need special focus and suggesting a customised security service plan for you, if required.

Our Security Patrols are available Sydney Wide.

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