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An Elvox Intercom is an ideal for screening visitors at your door, simple to use and available in audio or video intercom monitor stations.

Elvox intercom features single and dual button intercom door stations which are ideal for dual key premises.

The Wi-fi intercom intercom kit gives users the ability to view the door station camera from your smartphone device, answer your intercom and be anywhere, providing an extra layer of security for your home.

Elvox intercoms have the ability to connect an electronic door strike, if your visitor is a friend or family member who you were expecting and you are happy to let them inside, you can even electronically unlock the door using the smartphone app or internal intercom monitor.

A standalone electronic keypad can be added onto the door station for access control.

Up to three internal monitors can be associated with each door station.

Elvox intercom are backed by a 2 year Manufacturer Warranty.


10 products

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Save $136.49
Elvox Smartphone Video Intercom KitElvox Home Video Intercom Monitor
Elvox Elvox Smartphone Video Intercom Kit, ELVK40945
Sale price$655.51 Regular price$792.00
Elvox Touch Screen Home Video Intercom KitElvox Home Video Intercom Monitor
Save $170.00
Elvox Home Video Intercom Kit 7" Monitor with 2 Door StationsElvox video intercom monitor
Save $186.00
Elvox Video Intercom Kit 7" 2 x Monitor + Door Station, K40916-Intercom Kit-CTC SecurityElvox Video Intercom Kit 7" 2 x Monitor + Door Station, K40916-Intercom Kit-CTC Security
Save $199.90
Elvox Smartphone Video Intercom Kit two Monitors Door StationElvox 7" monitor
Save $74.00
Elvox monitor only kitElvox 7” Touch Screen LCD, Elvox 7”, ELVK40917
Elvox Elvox Monitor 7" Touch Screen, ELVK40917
Sale price$370.00 Regular price$444.00
Save $77.00
Elvox 2-Wire 1 Button Door Station, ELV40921.P1Elvox 2-Wire 1 Button Door Station Dimensions
Elvox Elvox Single Button Door Station, ELV40921.P1
Sale price$385.00 Regular price$462.00
Elvox Dual Button Door Station, ELV40920.P2Elvox Dual Button Door Station, ELV40920.P2
Elvox 2-Wire 1 Button Door Station ( non Wifi ), ELV40920.P1Elvox 2-Wire 1 Button Door Station ( non Wifi ) dimensions
Elvox Home Video Intercom MonitorElvox Home Video Intercom Monitor measurement

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