Futuro Intercoms for Home
Futuro Intercoms for Home

Futro Intercoms for Home

Simple to Use, expandable home intercom

Futuro Intercoms
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Futuro intercoms for home come in a variety of styles and colours including 7" touch screens and compliment designer décor, ideal for screening visitors to your door.

Increase security to your home with the Futuro intercoms Picture Memory function, this function captures images of your guest at your door station and displays on your internal monitor until you clear the image.

Intercommunication between intercom internal monitor stations, allows you to call other monitors in different rooms in private or paging mode, great for announcing dinner time.

Expandable intercom system, the Futuro intercoms are able to expand the connections to four internal monitors and three door stations, using the optional CPU unit.

The internal intercom monitors provide an unlock button, if you have a visitor who you were expecting and you are happy to let them inside, you can even electronically unlock the door using the intuitive touch screen display.

Intercom Door Stations

Available in two mounting styles, Flush mounted or Surface Mounted depending on the look you wish for your outside installation. Some people prefer the intercom door station to be recessed within the brickwork and require flush mounted.

Features of the door station include white LED's for night vision and a weather resistant rating of IP54.

Using the latest camera technology, wide dynamic range WDR feature, this makes the images on the camera door station clearer for viewing.

Futuro Door Stations

Intercom Monitors

Internal monitor stations for the Futuro intercoms are available in either Black or White to match your home décor choice.

Intercom monitors are also available with or without picture memory.

The picture memory in the internal monitor stations adds an additional layer of security for your home, by taking a series of small snap shot videos as someone presses the door station, should a potential burglar to your home check to see if someone was at home, their image has now been captured on the internal monitor station, stored on the SD card.

Other features of the internal monitor stations include a baby monitoring function for other room stations and a range of melodies.

Intercommunications between room stations, allows you to call other monitors in different rooms in the private paging model.

Installation service for Futuro intercoms is available Sydney Wide from our Professional installation team, located in Seven Hills.

Obligation free quotations can be organised for supply and or installations.

Futuro Intercoms

8 products

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Futuro intercom with flush mounted door station, picture memory, Black, FUTURO-112-KIT-Intercom Kit-CTC Security
Futuro intercom with surface mounted door station, picture memory, Black-Intercom Kit-CTC Security
Futuro 7" Touch Screen monitor with picture memory Black Frame, FUTURO-SD4-Black-Monitor-CTC Security
Futuro Door Station Flush Mounted, CP4
Sale price$180.00 Regular price$193.00
Futuro Door Station Flush Mounted, CP4Futuro
Futuro Door Station Surface Mounted, CZ4-Door Station-CTC Security
Sale price$220.00 Regular price$232.00
Futuro Door Station Surface Mounted, CZ4Futuro
Futuro- Central Power Unit-CPU4-Intercom Accessory-CTC Security
Sale price$103.12 Regular price$119.63
Futuro Central Power Unit-CPU4Futuro

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