Bosch Solution 6000 Series Alarm System are the most popular Alarm System  for their wireless performance. With Bosch 6000 Wireless Alarm we can choose from various option Pet friendly and Non Pet friendly detectors.

We recommend Bosch 6000 Alarm System ans the best Alarm Panels for their reliability and quality. Whether you are looking to secure a home, a shop, or a commercial property, every premises is going to be different, and you need to know that your system has the flexibility to adapt to your requirements

Bosch 6000 Wireless Alarm

Things to keep in mind while choosing  Bosch 6000 Wireless Alarm System :

  • With Bosch 6000 Wireless Alarm system keypad, internal siren and external siren need to be hard wired.
  • For all wireless detectors to be operating with the Bosch 6000 Wireless Alarm system Bosch Radion Receiver RFRC-STR2 Wireless receiver is a must required item.
  • Same wireless receiver is required to program remote keyfobs to Alarm system. HCT-4UL & RFKF-FBS are the most popular keyfobs to choose from Bosch available keyfobs. 
  • You can choose between various Bosch wired and wireless detector. Bosch Wireless detectors do not require any cabling between Alarm panel and detectors. Bosch wired detectors required 4 core cable between Main Alarm Panel (Circuit Board).
  • For any additional Finger scanner, proximity reader, night arm station, external keypads its required a hard wired connection from main Alarm panel.
  • For all Alarm cabling we recommend to use Security 4 Core Cable 14.04. This cable can be purchased in 100 metre roll and 300 metre roll.
  • With your Bosch Solution 6000 panel connected to MyAlarm, you’ll be able to make use of the iFob Control app available on both IOS and Android OS. With this app you’ll be able to check on the status of any Solution 6000 panel connected to your account, arm or disarm the system, operate doors and outputs, and even view the panel event log.
  • In Bosch wireless Alarm system  will have batteries installed to the main alarm panel and to wireless detectors. Wired detectors do not use and batteries and they gets their power from main alarm panel via wired connection.
  • Normally Main Alarm panel battery last up to 2 year from initial installation date same for wireless detector batteries.
  • Bosch Main alarm panel uses 12 Volt 7.2ah rechargeable battery, where as Bosch wireless detectors uses 3V, CR123A battery. 


Bosch 6000 Wireless, Best Choice for two storey house


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