There is no right or wrong answer to which Bosch Alarm system you should get.

Choosing the Best Alarm Panel for you

The Bosch Security range is very flexible from a little two bedroom house to a big factory.
The Bosch Solution 2000/3000 Range is perfect for a Small to medium side Home with nice features such as Smart Phone connection via the B426M IP Module, this allows you to get a notification if an detector picks up movement and caused an alarm to occur.

For the busy household

You also have the advantage of turning your alarm on via your phone if you need to, this is a great feature if you duck to the shops or work and forgot to turn the alarm on.

Choosing the amount of Detectors vs the size of your home

On a Bosch Solution 2000 you can have up to 8 hard wired detectors.
On a Bosch Solution 3000 you can have up to 16 wired or wireless detectors,

Keeping your Family Safe

One particular feature this alarm will give you is if the kids come home from school you will get an alert on your phone saying the system has been disarmed giving you the peace of mind that your family have arrived home safe.

Stylish Features

On the Bosch Home Alarm System 2000/3000 range you can also have the feature of having two touch screens one being a 5 inch and a 7 inch which is a nice feature sitting on your wall.
The Bosch 2000/3000 series will give you peach of mind that your family is safe by a world leader in Security.


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