CTC Security brings to you the finest range of home alarm systems that keep you guarded with high-tech sensors, tracking even the slightest movement in your premises.

The system raises an immediate alarm and sends alert whenever a susceptible activity occurs. Most of the devices come with superior technology that has the ability to differentiate movement of humans with the movement of pets, thereby reducing the chance of false alarm.

Each and every component of the system can be controlled using its main panel. This panel operates rigorously in order to support other detectors such as glass break detect, motion sensors and more that are equipped in the home alarm systems. To bring an add layer of convenience, certain panels can be integrated with telephone or portable devices to use them anytime and from anywhere.

No matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you and the best part is that these systems are quite easy to set up and can be combined with surveillance packages and other smart alarm systems of your home to keep you and your family members safe and sound.

So, choose the ultimate home alarm systems from our collection of products and monitor what's happening in and around your home effortlessly!

Our expert staff are fully equipped to answer all your questions and find the most suitable security solution for you.

At CTC Security, you will find a complete range of Bosch, Hills, Risco, Connect O2 and DSC security systems, kits and products. CCTV camera and cctv security systems combined with your home alarm system provide the ultimate protection for your home and family, many packages including Bosch and Risco Security have the option to combine camera's with your home alarm system.

Home Alarm Systems are available for delivery Australia Wide and we offer a Home Alarm Installation Sydney Wide, with outstanding deals on installation services.

Back to base alarm monitoring is offerered though our 24/7 Control Room or Smartphone enabled alarm system allow you to self monitor your alarm system. 


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