Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about intercom systems, so you can make a more well-informed decision about your new intercom purchase. We stock leading brands of intercom systems with all the latest high tech features.

Intercoms for Home

An intercom system is comprised of a door station and internal intercom monitor, providing intercommunications between the two, to screen visitors to your door, either via audio or video.

Some models also have a smartphone app which connects to your home wireless network then to your mobile phone, so you can answer your door station anywhere.

Smartphone intercoms allow the user to answer the door station from their mobile phone.

This adds an extra layer of security to your home, visitors to your door are unable to determain if you are home.

Various brands of intercoms now come with Smartphone Apps.

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Most modern intercom systems cost from $157.30 for a Dahua Intercom to $2160.68 for the Aiphone Intercom System with Access Control keypad.

Installation and delivery costs seperate.

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Wireless intercom systems communicate without the need for cabling from the main door station to the internal intercom video station. They use the 1.9 GHz band frequency.

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Panasonic intercom with Wireless handset, provides a portable wireless handset for users, the main door station is still hard wired to the sub station.

Available in White or Silver.

This unique safety feature makes the voice heard at the doorphone sound deeper so that a female voice sounds like a male voice. The voice changer function can be activated with on touch during an incoming call using the main/extension monitor. Available on Panasonic Intercom Model







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