Uniview Cameras Frequently Asked Questions for Security Surveillance Cameras.


There are two types of users in the system:

Administrator: referred to as “admin” in this manual. The default name of the administrator is admin, which cannot be modified. Admin has full permission and can manage all users and devices. Only one admin user is allowed in the system.

Common user: referred to as “user” in this manual. User only has permission to play live and recorded video. Up to 32 common users are allowed in the system.

You can add a user on the user management interface (under Setup > Security > User).

After the user is added successfully, you can change the password by entering the new password or delete the user by clearing the username.

Note: Only admin can change passwords. Changing the username or password for a user when the user is still logged in will force the user to log out. The user must use the new username or password to log in.

Note: Only admin can add and delete users. Deleting a user when the user is still logged in will force the user to log out. A deleted user cannot log in.

Kingston 32G/C10/UHS-1(90MB/s)
Kingston 64G/C10/UHS-1(90MB/s)
Kingston 128G/C10/UFS-1(80MB/s)
Transcend 32G/C10/UHS-I
Transcend 64G/C10/UHS-I
SanDisk 32G/C10/UHS-1(90MB/s)
SanDisk 64G/C10/UHS-1(80MB/s)
SanDisk 128G/C10/UHS-1(80MB/s)
Samsung 32G
Samsung 64G
Samsung 128G
TOSHIBA 32G/C10/UHS-1(90MB/s)
TOSHIBA 64G/C10/UHS-1(90MB/s)
TOSHIBA 128G/C10/UHS-1(90MB/s)
UNV 128G.

How To

Use watermark to encrypt custom information with video to prevent unauthorized delete or alteration.

Note: Only some certain models support this function. Please see the actual model for details.

1. Click Setup > Security > Watermark.


2. Select On to enable watermark, and then input watermark content.

3. Click Save.

Note: please download EZPlayer to verify the video’s continues.

Note: Make sure you use the correct upgrade file for you device. The upgrade file is a ZIP file and must include all the necessary files. Otherwise, unexpected results may occur.

Note: Make sure power is not interrupted during upgrade. A power failure during system upgrade may cause startup failure. Use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) if necessary. The device will restart after the upgrade is completed.

Note: When upgrade the IPC, the upgrade boot program function is disabled by default, and only the camera will be upgraded to the latest version. If enabled, both the camera and the boot program will be upgraded.

Upgrade IP Camera

1. Click Setup > System > Maintenance.

2. Under Software Upgrade, click Browse and select the correct upgrade file.

3. Click Upgrade and then confirm to start. The camera will restart automatically after the upgrade is completed. Some devices support boot program upgrade. To upgrade, select Upgrade Boot Program.

4. You may click Detect to check for new versions available to cloud upgrade.

Upgrade NVR

Upgrade the NVR under Maintain > Upgrade locally (using an upgrade file saved in a USB storage device) or by cloud (through a cloud server).

To upgrade by cloud, ensure that the NVR is connected to a fully functional DNS server (configured under System > Network > Basic), and click Check to see whether a newer version is available. The time that a cloud upgrade takes is affected by network connection status.


Device Status

1. Click Setup > Common > Basic Info.


2. Click Refresh for the latest status information.

3. View the device information.

Note: You may view device model, firmware version, intelligent server status, etc, on the basic info page.

Photo Storage Status

View the current photo storage status. See Memory Card Storage for the full storage policy.

Note: Only models with storage function support this function. Please see the actual model for details.

1. Click Photo.


2. Click Refresh to update the storage status.

3. You can export or delete photos in the Image List area.

1. Click Setup > Network > Port. Go to Port Mapping tab.

See Image

2. Enable Port Mapping and select mapping type. If Manual is selected, then external ports must be configured (external IP is obtained automatically by the camera). If the configured port is occupied, then the Status will show Inactive.

3. Click Save.

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