A fully wireless alarm system requires no cabling of the security motion detectors or sirens back to the main control panel.

A partly wireless alarm system offers wireless components such as movement detectors, glass breaks and reed switches with connect to the alarm system via a signal from a wireless receiver back to the main control panel.

Bosch Security and NX offer a partly wireless alarm system.

DSC, Risco and Connect offers a fully wireless alarm system, including wireless siren options.

Benefits of having a fully wireless alarm system.

  • Reduced installation cost, due to reduced labour on the installation and wiring of alarm system components
  • Quicker installation time
  • Reliability of detectors, a message is sent to the panel if the wireless device batteries are running low.
  • Ideal alarm system for renters, ability to take the alarm system with you.
  • Smartphone alarm system app
  • High ceilings where exposed wiring would not be desirable a wireless detector is often a better solution
  • Wiring of external and internal sirens in apartments can be problematic due to the walls and ceilings being solid brick with no internal cavity.








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