Risco ShockTec™ Plus Digital Vibration Detector, RK600S00000B

RiscoSKU: RK600S00000B


Risco ShockTec™ Plus Digital Vibration Detector, RK600S00000B This sophisticated but easy-to-use detector offers maximum protection against unexpected shocks, so you can feel safe and secure.

Model: RK601SMG300B

ShockTec™ is a digital shock detector providing reliable 24-hour perimeter protection. A break-in is detected as soon as the intruder attempts to force, smash, drill or even saw through the protected window, door, wall or roof.

ShockTec™ employs an advanced digital microprocessor to analyze the vibration signal received from the piezo electric sensor.


A unique feature of ShockTec™ 600S is its digital sampling of the signal simultaneously in two separate channels, each channel amplified at a different gain. This provides an extremely wide dynamic range of the sampled signal, enabling precise measurement and analysis of the shock signal.


Supply Voltage 9-16Vdc
Current consumption (typical) 12.5mA
Operational temperature -20°C to 60°C
Maximum humidity 95% non-condensing
Sensitivity setting Dual stage potentiometer
Tri-color LED indicator Orange-over-sensitive, green: alarm & correct calibration, red: under-sensitive
Contact ratings Alarm relay: 100mA at 24VDC, NC Tamper relay: 500mA at 24VDC, NC
Alarm Time 2.5 seconds
Latching modes Any or first to latch operation modes
False alarm protection Digital microprocessor signal processing and noise reduction with maximum ground plane
Enclosure material Flame retardant ABS
Enclosure dimensions 25x28x95mm


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