How do I choose the right security camera?

Choosing a security camera can be a difficult decision, here are some factors that will help influence your choice.

Camera Types

Choose your camera type or style, this will depend on the location where your security camera will be located. If your camera is for the front of your home, the turret style camera are a great choice. This style of security surveillance is often used in business, such as Cafe's and Restaurants and are a great all round camera with features including exceptional infra-red distance and built in microphones.

Turret Style Security Camera

For distance viewing the bullet style security camera are a great choice, these cameras are ideal for outdoor use with exceptional IR distance and fixed or motorised lenses.

Bullet Security Camera

Dome security camera, come in normal size and mini domes, used both internally and externally, the smaller mini domes are often used internally as they are discreet, often available in black or white to match décor. 

Dome Security Camera

Key Features Security Camera

A good high quality resolution is one of the first features to look for, there is no point investing in a security camera system, only to find the picture captured is of poor resolution and you are unable to identify the intruder. Look for a high megapixel security camera, the higher the megapixel the clearer the image.

Motion Activated Recording

Motion activated recording saves on hard drive space, each security camera is recorded back to a network video recorder and stored on hard drives or in cloud storage.

Smartphone Alerts

Push notifications sent to your smartphone from your security camera system are ideal, be notified of any event that occur, this helps provide peace of mind. Know if an intrusion has occurred or your cameras are accidently set of by kids.

Active Deterrence

Active Deterrence is a new security camera feature, now seen in many brands, the feature can deter intruders by activating  a spotlight and speaker on them. This feature is sought after as it will help prevent a crime before it occurs.

Security Camera Pricing

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