Building A Home – How to Plan Home Security ?

Building a home is not only about creating the space where one would live for next few years, it is also the space in which one should feel secure and comfortable.

If planning the correct design for home is important, planning the home security is also the integral part of Home construction. While there are many decisions that need to be made before and during construction, it is important that home security is not overlooked.

Building security can be divided into three sections :

  • Intruder Security to protect against any intrusion inside the building.
  • Security to protect the surrounding of building via installing security cameras.
  • Security to the door step of the house.

At CTC Security we specialise in delivering customise building security solution. We recommend to use security product from leading security suppliers such as Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua, Aiphone, Reliance, Kocom, Aiphone, Panasonic products for Home Security. At CTC Security we excel in providing latest security technology to protect your home from intruders. CTC Security understands that all homes have different needs and requirements for their security and as such conducts a FREE in home professional security assessment.

It is always recommended to Identifying where the security system’s sensors, intercom monitor, intercom door unit, cameras and keypads are best positioned while in the phase of construction. If decisions are made early and, where relevant, added into the construction plans, trades can make appropriate allowances while in the phase of construction to ensure you meet the security requirement for your project.

Appointing a Security expert during the planning phase can be a wise decision for those wanting to ensure their new home is safe and secure from the day they move in. A security designer job is to ensure the best security solution can be achieved right from the start of the planning phase of project.

So the real question is; How to Plan ‘Home Security’

Generally the best way is, shortlisting the most suitable security company where you can approach and discuss your security needs. Shortlist the security company that have knowledge of various brands of security. Often you will be asked to share the house plan so a security expert can identify the various location for security gears and share his thoughts. Generally Security experts will divide home security in three segments:

Home Alarms Systems



Home Alarm Systems

CTC Security brings to you the finest range of home alarm systems that keep you guarded with high-tech sensors, tracking even the slightest movement in your premise. The system raises an immediate alarm and sends alert whenever a susceptible activity occurs. We recommend interconnecting smoke detectors to home alarm system and further to a monitored back-to-base security system, this will ensure that the homeowner is notified if the smoke alarm goes off – even if they’re not home or the alarm is disarmed.
Most of the devices come with superior technology that has the ability to differentiate movement of humans with the movement of pets, thereby reducing the chance of false alarm. to connect smoke Alarm to your home alarm

Home Alarm Systems
Home Alarm Systems-CTC Security


Whether you want to answer the phone at your front door with Smartphone or broadcast messages to family members, we've got your back with our top wired and wireless intercom systems for home that are here to transform your ideas into reality.

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Security Camera Installation

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Shop for best deals on Security Surveillance cameras, from 4 to 8 megapixel IP cameras with clear crisp images, motorised domes and a large selection of cameras styles and features all backed by a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Select from leading brands Dahua, Hikvision, Hilook, Uniarch, Truvision, & Panasonic.

CCTV Cameras

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CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance Kits

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Security Alarm Installations

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Whether you are looking to boost your business security measures or you want the added peace of mind that a Access Control solution offers, a professionally-installed system can support your objectives. Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, retail or a small business owner, CTC Security can help you create a security system that gives you the reassurance you need.

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We offer the following installation services for business security systems from leading brands in business security including Integriti, Bosch Security, Hills, DSC Alarm Systems.

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