Bosch Pet Friendly Motion Detectors-CTC Security

Bosch Tritech motion detectors are a pet friendly alarm sensors specially designed to distinguish between humans and pets and will not go into alarm while your pet is at home and your alarm is active. 

Bosch Tritech detectors are designed to to take advantage of the difference between people and animals. The hair, limbs and height. Keep your pets at home with your alarm on and it will only be activated by a human.

Hair- more hair on animals results in less infrared signal. PIR thresholds are optimised to take advantage of difference in IR energy.

Limbs- people's thick arm & legs create larger microwave signals. Microwave thresholds are adjusted to detect this difference in energy.

Height- people are higher in the coverage pattern because they are taller. The coverage pattern takes advantage of this by varying the sensitivity of detection zones based upon height.

Bosch Tritech motion detectors are available in two size options for your pet size and a hard wired or wireless option.

With dynamic temperate compensation the Blue Line Gen 2 Tritech detectors are the ideal choice if you have an animal in your home while your alarm is active.

Whether you have a small dog or cat or a large animal, you are able to keep your alarm on in your property and you pet will not trigger an event.

The combination of pir and microwave technology helps to prevent false alarms, providing superior catch performance.

13Kg Pet

45Kg Pet

Bosch Solution 2000, Solution 3000 and Solution 6000 home alarm systems offer pet friendly Tritech sensor for your pet protection from false alarms. 

Bosch Pet Friendly Alarm Sensors


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