Risco LightSYS+ Security Alarm System, RISCO-LSP-KIT2



Risco LightSYS+ is a complete alarm system with WIFI and power supplies. It comes with 3 motion detectors, sirens, and necessary power sources.

Risco LightSYS+ alarm system can be controlled using RISCO’s smartphone app with the flexibility of wired and wireless devices, including external CCTV cameras.

The new LightSYS+ is RISCO’s flagship hybrid alarm panel, combines the features and benefits of both LightSYS and ProSYS Plus into one high-powered hybrid security system.
It is designed to protect any size or type of installation - from residential and small to medium businesses to commercial and high security installations, enabling up to 512 zones in one single panel!
LightSYS+ is compatible with all of RISCO's solutions, products and accessories, providing you with a World of possibilities for every type and size of installation.
Focus on a single panel for all your installations and increase your profitability by offering a Grade 3 solution at a highly competitive price.
LightSYS+ is now compatible with Wireless Visual Verification, powered by indoor and outdoor integrated camera detectors providing home and business owners with complete security and peace of mind, knowing what the right response is and to take an immediate action.

Built-In IP and Wi-Fi Modules

An integrated IP module reliable and continuous communication, and integrated Wi-Fi module allows wire-free installation.


In the Kit:

  • 1 x Risco LightSYS+ Main board with IP & Wi-Fi onboard.
  • 1 x Risco LightSYS+ small plastic box with tamper, RP432BP2000A
  • 1 x 12 Volt DC Battery, SA12V7
  • 1 x Risco 240VAC AUS Kettle cord with
  • 1 x Risco LightSYS+ power supply 14.4V 2.5A 
  • 3 x Riso Detectors, RK415PR0000C
  • 1 x Slimline Outdoor Siren, WP06
  • 1 x Top Hat Indoor Piezo Siren, WP08
Risco Keypad RP432KP0000A

With its text-based LCD display for user instructions, intuitive navigation, and multiple user codes, it is easy to install and use. It is an excellent choice for both security and convenience.

Detectors RK415PR0000C

DigiSense™ is the ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations. Based on RISCO Group's advanced detection technologies, DigiSense™ is designed to assure superior catch performance and false alarm immunity. Due to their identical and compact housing, the installer can mix and match the various technologies of DigiSense™ detectors in one installation while maintaining the same overall look.

  • Analog sensor
  • Real quad-element pyroelectric sensor
  • Lens design for 12m x 12m coverage
  • Improved false alarm immunity
  • RFI immunity: 25V/m up to 1 GHz
  • Free swivel for wall/ceiling mounting
  • Optional long range lens: 18m x 2 m
Risco Detectors RK415PR0000C
Siren Kit

Secor outdoor combo siren and strobe with built in end of line resistors for outdoors and top hat internal piezo, WPO8.

  • Siren tone selectable for different applications
  • Sound volume adjustable: low dB for testing and high dB for normal operation
  • Loud: up to 110dB - Bright: new LED strobe design
  • Independent siren and strobe operation
  • High quality UV treated case
  • Weatherproof - Front and back tampers
  • EOLRs built in, suitable for most major alarm panels

Zones 8 – 512
Wireless Zones 256
PIR Camera Detectors 32
IP cameras Unlimited
Partitions/Areas 32
Bus lines 2+1 fast Bus for faster photo and video data transformation
Bus devices per Bus line 32
BUS Readers 32
Doors Access Control 32
Wired keypads 32
Keyfobs 256
Wireless sirens 32
Wired sirens 24
Programmable outputs 4 - 96
User codes 500
Event log 2000
IP Module On-board
Wi-Fi Module On-board
4G Module Optional



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