Risco ViTRON™ Plus Acoustic Glass Break Detector, RG71FM0G300B

RiscoSKU: RG71FM0G300B


Risco ViTRON™ Plus Acoustic Glass Break detectors with 9 metre range and omni directional microphone.

Model; RG71FM0G300B


  • Flush, wall or ceiling mount
  • Provides reliable perimeter glass break detection
  • Detects breakage of all glass types: plate, tempered, laminated and wired
  • Microprocessor-based Dual Frequency Pattern Recognition
  • 9 m (30 ’) range with omni-directional microphone
  • Dead microphone supervision
  • Remote test without opening unit
  • Test using ViTRON™ Tester
  • Model names:
  • RG71FMG3 ViTRON™ Plus Glass break Detector
  • RG65 Tester for ViTRON™
  • RA66 ViTRON™ Swivel


ViTRON™ Plus uses a unique pattern recognition analysis of framed pane glass breakage, providing superior detection combined with excellent false alarm immunity. These adjustment-free and easy-to-install units detect breaking of all standard framed glass types and thickness while ignoring non-framed glass breakage and other possible sources of false alarms. Choice of wall/ceiling or flush-mount.


Risco products are covered by a replacement guarantee for 2 years from the date of purchase.

CTC Security will cover postage for all replacement parts, but will not cover labour for installation cost.

CTC Security  offers a 1 year warranty on labour when the system is installed by us.

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