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Risco Security Alarm System

Risco WiComm Pro Wireless security alarm system with 2 x Wireless Camera Detectors, two remote controls. Stay connected and keep an eye on your home, wherever you are. With the WiComm Pro wireless security alarm system, you can get 24/7 monitoring from the palm of your hand.

    RISCO Group is proud to present WiComm Pro, offering a high-end professional, Grade 2 system, in a new sleek, contemporary design and at a highly competitive price. With RISCO’s extensive line of wireless accessories and cloud-based products and services, WiComm Pro is definitely the smart choice for professional installers.

    In the Alarm Kit:

    Model; RISCO-WP-KIT3

    In the Kit

    • 1 x WiComm Pro Main panel & enclosure, no communication modules
    • 1 x Wireless Panda Keypad with Prox Reader Wicomm Pro (RW332KPP400D)
    • 2 x PIR PET Motion Detector Cameras (RWX95CMP400C)
    • 2 x 4 button Panda keyfobs (PWX332KF400A)
    • 1 x Power Supply Included 9VDC 1.5A (1ACA0017)

    Risco Panda Keypad Features

    • Compatible with Agility as of firmware version 5.1x
    • Responsive and reliable due to tactile and durable keys
    • Wall and cover tamper protection
    • Easy to install with incorporated mounting bracket and one screw fixation of the keypad to the mounting bracket
    • Visual on-screen indicators for Cloud Connectivity, System Trouble, Tamper and Arm/Disarm 
    Risco Panda Keypad

    Risco WL eyeWave Pet PIRCam Detector

    • PIR coverage 12m (40’) wide angle
    • VGA or QVGA camera resolution with ~85° field-of-view
    • Discreet IR flash allows imaging in complete darkness, up to 10m (33’)
    • Sequence of images upon event, configurable number and fps.
    • During disarm, events are ignored to save battery and for privacy.
    • On-demand images initiated from authorized Smartphone or web browser
    • Two RF channels with separate antennas: One for control, second channel for image transmission
    • Images stored on detector until transmission to panel complete
    • Includes 2 long-life 3V lithium batteries 
    Risco PIR Camera Detector

    Alarm System Features


    • Wireless zones: 32
    • Wireless frequencies: 868 MHz
    • Camera frequency: 869.525 MHz
    • System users (user codes): 32 (includes 1 installer, 1 sub-installer, and 1 Grand Master code)
    • Follow-Me destinations: 16
    • Panel programming options: Keypad (locally), Configuration Software (locally, remotely)
    • Partitions: 3
    • Monitoring station accounts: 3
    • Event log: 1000 entries
    • PIRs / PIR cameras: 8
    • Sounders (internal/external): 3
    • Keypads: 3
    • Keyfobs / remote controls: 8
    • SMS for remote operation: yes 

    Risco App

    The Risco smartphone app enables homeowners to control their security alarm system remotely as well as view real-time images taken inside their premises with PIR camera detector.

    In the event of an alarm, the Motion PIR camera is automatically activated and captures a sequence of images which it sends to users via RISCO's Smartphone/ web Application.

    This capability enables users to view the images and confirm if there is a crime in progress.

    Risco-Smartphone App

    Optional Accessories

    The Risco WiComm Pro Wireless Security Alarm can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories that provide additional protection against theft.

    PIR Camera Detector

    Risco Eyewave PIR Camera, RWX95CMP400C

    PIR Outdoor Camera Detector

    Risco WL Beyond Outdoor Detector Dual Technology 433MHz, RWX350D0400A

    Window Reeds

    Risco WL Multi Function Door/Window Contact, RWX73F43300A

    Shock Detector

    Risco Wireless Shock + Contact Detector 1-way, RWT62W43300B

    Smoke Detectors

    Risco Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector, RWX35S00400C

    Remote Controls

    Risco Panda Remote Control Keyfob

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