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As a Bosch Security Certified Partner we know our Bosch security products inside and out.
The Bosch Solution 6000 was new to the market, replacing the Bosch Solution 144.

With an identical panel to the Solution 64, Bosch decided to enhance the features of the 64 and the 144 was born.

The GSM module was our biggest selling point for the 144, customers are moving away from fixed phone lines in their home and Bosch has answered their calls.

With further enhancements including very attractive bells and whistles the Solution 6000 was born.
The pricing on this panel was slashed dramatically, customers now pay the equivalent pricing for the Solution 16 Plus as they do now for the 6000 saving 100's of $.

So why does the Solution 6000 outsell all of our other panels?

The GSM quite simply sells this products as does it's self monitoring feature.
Receiving notification from your alarm panel, being able to arm or disarm via a smartphone app.
While the optional bells and whistles have not been very popular, it is nice to know if you wish to expand on your panel, these options are there if you require them.
For businesses the smart token proximity keypads have been a popular accessory with the reporting of each user entering and exiting the premises.

The IP module has now become quite popular on the 6000 with the I-fob subscription allowing users push notifications to their phones and emails.
New to 2017 was the addition of the Wi-Fi family, an upgrade option on each 6000 kit to upgrade the panel to include a Wi-Fi keypad for easy connection to your home router.
This keypad is not wireless, it only provides a wireless connection to the internet, much like your mobile phone.
Check out our Ifob plan.

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