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Shop CTC Security for best deals on Risco Security Alarm Systems, alarm kits, detectors, remotes controls,  code pads and accessories all backed by a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Risco security alarm system include the Wicomm Pro and the LightSYS+ alarm systems, all packaged into kits, with accessories sold separately.

Risco Wicomm Pro is a totally wireless security system that offers real-time alarm monitoring with camera detection, plus a wide selection of alarm accessories and smart home automation options.

The Camera motion detectors provide instant alert notification to your mobile with a snapshot of images, giving you complete security control and prevention for false alarms.

Risco LightSYS+ professional and reliable security alarm system with complete control via Risco's smartphone app.  Optional camera detectors offer real-time event verification right to your device. 

Hybrid security alarm system offering both wired and wireless detection devices.

CTC Security can provide customer service available in Australia for Risco alarm systems purchases.

We can also provide obligation free alarm system installation quotations or a customisation of products for supply.

Installation of Risco Alarm Systems from our professional team in Seven Hills and servicing surrounding suburbs. 

Flat Rate Shipping of $15.00 and Shipping Australia Wide for all Risco Alarm System.

Risco security alarm system support a large range of indoor and outdoor motion detection devices, including Camera detectors. The Camera motion detectors provide instant alert notification to your mobile with a snapshot of images, giving you complete security control and prevention for false alarms.
Risco Security alarms are supported by the Risco smartphone app, providing complete control of your security alarm system, arming disarming and event notifications.

Wicomm Pro

Risco Wicomm Pro is a wireless communication module designed to work with Risco's security systems. It provides a wireless link between the control panel and various security devices, such as sensors and detectors.

Remote Monitoring

With the Wicomm Pro, users could remotely monitor and control their security systems via a smartphone app or a web portal. This feature allowed for real-time alerts and system status checks.


Ricco's alarm systems were often designed to integrate with other home automation and security devices. This allowed users to create a more comprehensive and customized security solution.

User-Friendly Interface:

Risco systems typically came with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for homeowners and business owners to arm and disarm their systems, manage user codes, and customize system settings.

Security Sensors:

Risco offered a range of sensors and detectors, including motion sensors, door/window contacts, glass break detectors, and more, which could be integrated into the system for comprehensive security coverage.

Wicomm Pro wireless security system can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories that provide additional protection against theft as well as protection against environmental hazards and providing elderly care.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Risco LCD Keypad, RP432KP0000ARisco LCD Keypad, RP432KP0000A
Risco Panda Wireless Keypad, RW332KPP400D-Risco-CTC SecurityRisco Panda Wireless Keypad, RW332KPP400D-Risco-CTC Security
Risco Panda Wired Keypad, RP432KPP200D-Risco-CTC SecurityRisco Panda Wired Keypad, RP432KPP200D-Risco-CTC Security
Risco Touchscreen Keypad, RP432KPT000A-Risco-CTC SecurityRisco Touchscreen Keypad, RP432KPT000A-Risco-CTC Security