Bosch 2000 and Bosch 3000 Main Features and Comparison

Helping you choose between a Bosch 2000 and 3000 security alarm system.

Protecting your home and property can be achieved with a security alarms systems.

Whether we are living in an existing house, renting or building a new home, people choose to have security alarm system for protection of valuable and people.

When installing a home alarm the most important decision that needs to be made, is which Brand of  Home Alarm systems will suit my needs.

Below we will be sharing our first hand knowledge from our field experience and comparing the various aspects between Bosch Solution 2000 or Bosch Solution 3000 home alarm Systems.

Both the Bosch 2000 and 3000 Solution alarm systems can take same keypads, below are the various keypads that you can use :

Bosh Alarm Code Pads

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Save $85.49
Bosch Solution 2000/3000 icon codepad IUI-SOL-ICONBosch Security
Bosch Bosch Solution 2000/3000 Icon Code Pad, IUI-SOL-ICON
Sale price$71.61 Regular price$157.10
Save $123.08
Bosch 2000/3000 Text, LCD Codepad Alphanumeric, IUI-SOL-TEXTBosch Security
Save $31.73
Bosch TouchOne Mini 5" Code Pad, IUI-SOL-TS5Bosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch TouchOne Mini 5" Code Pad, IUI-SOL-TS5
Sale price$313.06 Regular price$344.79

Bosch Smartphone App

Both Bosch 3000 home alarms and Bosch 2000 can be connected to Bosch GSM module and IP module. Bosch 2000 & Bosch 3000 system uses RSC+ APP for remote connectivity.

RSC+ APP is a free app to manage notifications for your alarm system and arm and disarm your alarm from your Smart phone.

Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) is the latest app available on IOS and Android OS for the Solution 2000 & 3000 panels. The app, cloud connection and push notifications are all free.

Each user of RSC+ app is able to receive push notifications from one or multiple panels which you can configure so that you are only see what matters to you.

Receive alarm notifications while you are on holidays or simply get an update when the kids get home from school and disarm the panel.

Remotely arm or disarm your alarm panel, see the status of your sensors and isolate them if required, or control up to 20 outputs devices connected to your panel such as garage doors or air – all of these things are available within the RSC+ app the moment your panel is connected.

Whenever you are logged in to the panel via the app, you can also read the full panel history and see what’s been going on while you’re not around.

*NB : Bosch RSC+ app requires that the panel includes cloud connected communications modules - B426-M, B450-M & B443

Bosch Alarm Remotes

When it comes to using keyfobs or Bosch alarm remotes on these alarm system, Bosch 3000 mainly uses the plastic remote RFKF-FBS and stainless steel remote HCT-4UL remotes, While Bosch Solution 2000 can only use Stainless steel with slide cover remote HCT-4

Use of Key-fobs and remotes are quite same on Both Bosch 2000 and Bosch 3000,both alarm can be set to use Arm and disarm function, partial arming and operation of an output.

In most of the case the output operation function from Bosch 2000 and 3000 get utilized to operate garage motor via keyfobs. We recommend to hard wired the garage motor to Alarm panel via 4 core cable to operate your Garage door using Bosch remotes.

Bosch Alarm Remotes

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Save $15.47
Bosch Remote Control, 2 Button, Radion RFKF-TB-Remotes-CTC SecurityBosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch Alarm Remote Control 2 Button, RFKF-TBS
Sale price$48.02 Regular price$63.49
Save $4.13
Bosch Remote Control ,4 button, Radion RFKF-FB, Plastic-Remotes-CTC SecurityBosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch Alarm Remote Control 4 Button, RFKF-FBS
Sale price$42.03 Regular price$46.16
Save $9.48
Bosch Remote Control 4 button Stainless Steel, HCT-4Bosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch Remote Control 4 button Stainless Steel, HCT-4
Sale price$54.01 Regular price$63.49
Save $3.87
Bosch Remote Control 4 Button Stainless Steel, HCT-4ULBosch Security Certified Partner CTC-Security
Save $30.96
Bosch Remote Controls, 2 button, 2 Pack-Remotes-CTC SecurityBosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch Alarm Remote Controls, 2 button, 2 Pack, RFKF-TBS
Sale price$96.04 Regular price$127.00

Motion Detectors

The Bosch Solution 3000 security system can expand its motion detectors with wireless sensors or wireless  reed switches, by using a wireless receiver. 

While the Bosch Solution 2000 security system can never accommodate any wireless detectors or wireless reed switches. For more details on available Bosch detectors please use the below link

Bosch Motion Detectors

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Save $18.01
Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Standard PIR Motion DetectorsBosch Security Motion Detectors-CTC Security
Save $13.89
Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Quad PIR Motion Detector, ISC-BPQ2-W12Bosch Security Certified Partner
Save $54.86
Bosch Blueline Gen2 Tritech Pet Friendly Detector ISC-BDL2-WP12GBosch Security Certified Partner
Save $76.13
Bosch Wireless PIR Detector Radion, RFPR-12Bosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch Wireless PIR Motion Detector Radion, RFPR-12
Sale price$106.95 Regular price$183.08
Save $12.97
Bosch Wireless TriTech Detector Radion, RFDL-11Bosch Security Certified Partner
Bosch Bosch Wireless TriTech Motion Detector Radion, RFDL-11
Sale price$259.17 Regular price$272.14

Bosch Detector Video

In Conclustion

Both Bosch Solution 2000 and Solution 3000 are high quality reliable home alarm system. Mostly it depend on the need and occasion. Bosch 3000 is recommended for Double Storey houses that are all ready built, as wireless sensor will be recommended solution to cover with the intrusion detectors on the ground floor. 

For a basic alarm system the Bosch 2000 is ideal with 8 zones and remote control and smartphone option.

Th Bosch 3000 is recommended over Bosch 2000 if your dwelling is required to have more than 8 zones in the alarm System

Best Sellers Solution 2000 and Solution 3000 Alarm System

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