Pre-Programming of Alarm System


Our technicians can pre-program your Alarm before dispatch for the following features. Save $ on Installation costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bosch alarm system frequently asked questions, from user manuals to stopping your alarm system from beeping.

Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm System with 3 x Gen 2 Quad Detectors+ 5" Touch Screen Code pad-Alarm System-CTC Security

Choosing Between A Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarm

Check out all the features of both alarm systems to help you make a selection. Comparison Guide.

Installation Service

CTC Security offers an installation service, Sydney Wide. Request A Quote

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Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System

Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System Delivers High Tech Home Security

Alarm System
In the event of an alarm activation the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system will deliver a message direct to the users mobile phone, no more waiting to  see your siren light flash when you arrive home like a traditional alarm.
How to change your alarm battery on Bosch Alarm

How to change your alarm battery on Bosch Alarm

Alarm System
Save time and change your alarm system battery DIY. If your Bosch Alarm system starts beeping, the chances are your alarm system battery may requir...
Bosch Pet Friendly Motion Detectors-CTC Security

Bosch Pet Friendly Alarm Sensors


Bosch Tritech motion detectors are a pet friendly alarm sensors specially designed to distinguish between humans and pets and will not go into alarm while your pet is at home and your alarm is active. 

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